February 12, 2017

Formula Launch

Customized work flow around formula approvals will save a business time and money.

  • Faster turnaround for formula approvals.
  • Catch major formula issues (ingredient, nutrient) before sending out for approval.
  • Visibility of staff efficiency for formula approval.
  • Convert and send formula files to end-user system (Batching, ERP, and more!)

When a nutritionist is on the road, oftentimes formula approvals will not happen until later that evening when he/she is at the hotel and has access to a laptop. Meanwhile staff are waiting for the approval so feed can be manufactured. This system will allow approvals on the go. Additionally team members can write comments and communicate with each other each step of the way. These comments are stored with the formula and can be viewed later for auditing purposes. Future versions will include notifications if a formula has stayed at a certain stage too long, preventing approvals from being lost in the cracks.