Ingredient purchasing software for feed producers who believe high quality ingredients drive profitability

Quality matters

Small changes for ingredient quality can make a big impact on profitability
Feed margins depend on accurate, timely information.

Let's face it - your team is busy. Ingredient purchases, additives, and supplier choices are critical elements to feed efficiency and profitability. Oftentimes decisions are made without involving the right people, or without proper information.

Genesis Feed Technologies exists to bring visibility into feed costs by giving your team real-time access to the right information.

We bring decades of feed operations experience together with reliable software architecture that is focused on using modern mobile technology.

  • Ingredient evaluator

    Align purchasing and formulation to reduce feed costs. Quickly compare multiple suppliers to maximize profitability.

  • Micro-Variant

    Small formula adjustments during production to accommodate changes of ingredient quality.


    Seamless transfer of information from different systems, including Formulation, ERP, and Batching.

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